SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Sept. 13, 2013

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September 13, 2013

What’s the next power play for The Game?

WWE COO Triple H is making it his personal corporate responsibility to make life a living hell for certain WWE Superstars (cue “Flight of the Valkyries”). Also caught in the mire of The Game’s backstage machinations is Big Show, though, who, as we’ve been told by Triple H, Stephanie, and company, is completely broke — and now must operate at the whim (and under the boot) of the McMahon clan.

What does The Game have in store for The World’s Largest Athlete tonight after the events of Raw's closing moments? And what will be the giant’s “punishment,” as promised by Triple H in a exclusive sitdown interview with Michael Cole? For that matter, what does the COO have in store for Edge, Daniel Bryan and anyone else who may not agree with what he feels is “best for business”?