SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Sept. 06, 2013

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September 06, 2013

Could Triple H’s open forum change the game?

Tonight on SmackDown, the WWE Universe may well feel the fallout from the shocking Monday night firing of Cody Rhodes – and, dare we presume, the general course of action by WWE COO  Triple H in recent weeks.

Per The Game, tonight’s edition of the blue brand will turn into an open forum, giving Superstars and Divas the opportunity to air any grievances and to let him know exactly what they think about his handling of the situation surrounding Rhodes.

The WWE roster may not choose the risky path of voicing their concerns, however, as those who have in recent weeks faced swift and unrelenting retribution. Will anyone dare step up to The King of Kings? Or will the chilling effect in the locker room prove to be a deep freeze? On the other side of that, just days after granting an exclusive interview to on the Rhodes situation, what, exactly, will WWE’s COO say to any disgruntled competitors who are in his supposed care?

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