SmackDown Five-Point Preview: August 16, 2013

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August 16, 2013

Can The Shield make RVD, Mark Henry and Big Show believe?

After Rob Van Dam outlasted Mark Henry in a grueling 20-Man Battle Royal on Raw to become United States Champion Dean Ambrose’s SummerSlam Kickoff No. 1 contender, The Shield emerged to interrupt a show of respect between RVD and The World’s Strongest Man. The unexpected return of Big Show, however, evened the odds and halted the “Hounds of Justice” in their tracks.

Tonight on SmackDown, the black-clad trio will get a chance to right that “injustice” in a Six-Man Tag Team Match, which also marks The World’s Largest Athlete’s in-ring return to action. Will the all-star squad of RVD, Henry and Big Show be a big enough threat to beat The Shield? Or, is there a series of Triple Powerbombs in their immediate future?

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