SmackDown Five-Point Preview: April 19, 2013

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April 19, 2013

How will The Shield gear up for The Undertaker?

Say what you will about The Shield, but the black-clad trio has been nothing short of unstoppable since they debuted in WWE late last year. The combination of Dean Ambrose’s cunning, Seth Rollins’ devil-may-care in-ring approach and Roman Reigns’ devastating power has propelled the “Hounds of Justice” to new heights on a seemingly weekly basis — including their most recent attack on WWE Champion John Cena.

But now, the group readies to face off against perhaps their greatest challenge to date as The Undertaker, Kane & Daniel Bryan lie in wait Monday night on Raw. In the meantime, will The Shield continue their mind games, or will they actually target another Superstar — or group of Superstars — tonight on SmackDown?