SmackDown Results: Big Show stood tall against Shield, KO'd Sheamus and felt the bite of The Viper's RKO

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March 08, 2013

Sheamus def. Big Show by Disqualification; Shield Attacked

Before his main event matchup against Sheamus, Big Show publically blamed The Celtic Warrior and Randy Orton for The Shield attacking him after “Old School” Raw went off the air Monday. In turn, the first-ever Irish-born World Champion poked fun at how the giant never thought anything was his fault — promising that the Brogue Kick that he would execute on the enormous Superstar wouldn’t be his fault either.

And in the final moments of the latest chapter of their longstanding rivalry, Sheamus displayed incredible strength by executing White Noise on The World’s Largest Athlete. But before he could attempt the Brogue Kick follow-up, Big Show made a calculated exit from the ring. That didn’t stop The Celtic Warrior, though, who carried his offensive through the ropes and eventually delivered a Brogue Kick that sent the gigantic Superstar crashing to the ringside floor.

Before he could continue his attack on the now-grounded giant, however, The Shield suddenly emerged from the crowd and prepared to engage the Superstar who loves to fight in a three-on-one assault. Randy Orton quickly sprinted into the ring, ready to help even the odds. Then, seconds after the two sides began to exchange blows, an irate and recovered Big Show re-entered the ring and surprisingly joined the fight against The Shield. The combined force Orton, Sheamus and Big Show drove the treacherous trio from the ring.

Still, a giant never forgets. And as the dust cleared, Big Show turned his attention back to his opponent, hitting Sheamus with a wicked KO Punch. In what could only be deemed an appropriate response, Orton sprang to action, hitting The World’s Largest Athlete with the RKO.

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