SmackDown Results: Big Show’s battle against Orton turned into a Shield offensive and a giant response

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March 01, 2013

The Prime Time Players def. WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No in a Non-Title Match

On Raw, WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No triumphed over The Prime Time Players, despite the special circumstances of their specialty match in which Daniel Bryan was forced to wear a hood over his head and Kane had one arm tied behind his back. 

Before their rematch on SmackDown, Bryan talked to General Manager Booker T, making it so his Big Red partner would have to wear the hood, while he had his arm tied behind his back. Kane’s response was that it was actually a good thing for two reasons: When he beat their opponents again, it would prove he was better than his fellow Tag Team Champion and, with the hood on, he wouldn’t have to see Bryan’s goat face.

A surprise came moments before the match, though, when Bryan put the hood on The Big Red Monster, revealing a goat face painted on it.

In the match that followed — moments after Bryan tagged himself in — a blinded Kane grabbed both the referee and his partner, trying to determine if either one was his opponent. While he soon figured it out and let both go, Bryan elected to push him when he turned around. This prompted Kane to shove Bryan to the canvas, setting up Titus O’Neil to pick up the quick pinfall.

After the match, Kane discovered the goat face on his hood and proceeded to place it on a hug-seeking Bryan before sending him back to the canvas for a second time.