SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Mar. 1, 2013

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March 01, 2013

Apex Predator battles against a stacked deck?

While Randy Orton is arguably one of the most dangerous Superstars in WWE history, there is no doubt he will have a giant challenge in front of him when he enters the SmackDown arena tonight. In a mega-sized main event bout, WWE’s Apex Predator will square off against Big Show, one-on-one, on the explosive special event, Social Media SmackDown.

And as if a showdown against The World’s Largest Athlete isn’t enough to tackle in one night, there is also the distinct possibility The Shield will be out for retribution. After all, The Viper (along with Sheamus) got the better of the treacherous trio Monday on Raw. (WATCH)

Can Orton overcome the sky-high odds that are stacked squarely against him?

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