SmackDown Results: Henry won a place in Elimination Chamber; Del Rio turned Big Show into The World’s ‘Orangest’ Athlete

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February 08, 2013

Mark Henry def. Randy Orton

Competing on SmackDown for the first time since April 27, 2012, a furious Mark Henry battled Randy Orton, with major Elimination Chamber implications hanging in the balance. If The World’s Strongest Man could overcome The Viper, he, too, would be added to the dreaded structure of calamity — and with it, a possible opportunity to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania.

And in the height of the brutal encounter — truly suited to be a prelude for the excruciating match that will take place in nine days —Orton’s attempt to hit the RKO was quickly countered with absolute power. Henry smashed the nine-time World Champion into the corner with the force of a freight train, before hitting his second World’s Strongest Slam of the night to overcome WWE’s Apex Predator and take a place in the Elimination Chamber! 

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