SmackDown Results: Henry won a place in Elimination Chamber; Del Rio turned Big Show into The World’s ‘Orangest’ Athlete

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February 08, 2013

The Great Khali def. Titus O’Neil; Mark Henry attacked both Superstars before calling out Booker T

With Booker T and Teddy Long keeping a close eye on The Great Khali for possible Elimination Chamber consideration, the former World Heavyweight Champion took the fight to Titus O’Neil.

But moments after putting down one-half of The Prime Time Players for the three-count, another former World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry, emerged. After hurling Titus into the ring barrier like a ragdoll, The World’s Strongest Man engaged The Punjabi Giant. While Khali attempted to hit the Punjabi Plunge, Henry broke free — showing incredible strength as he executed The World’s Strongest Slam on the enormous competitor as if he was a cruiserweight.  

Mark Henry then addressed the WWE Universe. And on his first night back on SmackDown, The World’s Strongest Man declared that The Hall of Pain has reopened! Listing its latest victims — which now included not only Khali and Titus, but also Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara after his attack on Raw — he left few questions of his destructive intentions.

Henry stated that all of the destruction was the fault of Booker T for not including him to be a candidate for the upcoming Elimination Chamber Match. The former World Champion declared that he was not to be overlooked and demanded an explanation from the GM or he would destroy the entire SmackDown roster.

Henry told Booker that if there was no room in the Elimination Chamber for him, he’d injure enough Superstars to make room himself. Though it seemed the head of SmackDown might be backed in the corner for a split second, he quickly pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Thinking on his feet, the five-time WCW Champion made the executive decision that if Henry could beat Randy Orton — who was already in the Chamber — he would earn a place in it as well.

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