SmackDown results: Del Rio made Ziggler tap out, but Big Show delivered the final blow

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February 01, 2013

Randy Orton def. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett in a Non-Title Match

With a possible spot in the Elimination Chamber Match looming, The Viper took on the worse type of Wade Barrett there is, a Wade Barrett in a bad mood. The English bare-knuckled brawler was irate following a very hard week, in which he was eliminated from Sunday’s Royal Rumble Match by NXT competitor Bo Dallas and then lost to the up-and-comer in a “Player’s Choice” Match on Raw.

Once Barrett’s effort to hit his devastating Bull Hammer elbow outside the ring connected with the unforgiving steel ring post, though, The Barrett Barrage came in contact with the devastating RKO and another defeat.

Later, the conquered Barrett would come in contact with Bo Dallas for the third-time in a week, igniting a fierce backstage brawl. (WATCH)

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