SmackDown results: Del Rio made Ziggler tap out, but Big Show delivered the final blow

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February 01, 2013

The Great Khali def. Jinder Mahal

On Raw Roulette four days earlier, 3MB interrupted The Great Khali’s karaoke showdown against Zack Ryder, causing The Punjabi Playboy and Long Island Iced-Z to clean house.

On SmackDown, Khali would once again make beautiful music in his match against Jinder Mahal. After taking down Drew McIntyre with a massive chop — as he was bothering Natalya on the apron — the gigantic former World Champion dropped Mahal with the Punjabi Plunge for the victory. Meanwhile, Hornswoggle, who lost a pursuing Health Slater under the ring, joined his friends in time for a post-match dance celebration.