SmackDown milestone moments


April 29, 1999: Prior to SmackDown's official debut months later, WWE created an instant classic, launching the pilot episode of SmackDown in which the newly combined forces of The Corporate Ministry were unleashed upon the WWE Universe. In the explosive main event tag team match, Triple H & The Undertaker battled reluctant partners The Rock & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Aug. 26, 1999: In SmackDown's illustrious premiere, WWE Champion Triple H reigned supreme over The Rock, after special guest referee Shawn Michaels gave Rock some Sweet Chin Music just as he was about to deliver the People's Elbow to The Game.

Sept. 09, 1999: Big Show & The Undertaker captured the World Tag Team Championships from The Rock & Sock Connection in a Buried Alive Match after The World's Largest Athlete hurled Mankind through the air and into an open grave.

Sept. 16, 1999: With WWE officials on strike and WWE Champion Triple H ignoring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's demand for a match, Mr. McMahon surprised all by defeating The Game for the WWE Championship, thanks to the Stone Cold Stunner by the emerging Texas Rattlesnake.

Oct. 21, 1999: Women's Champion Fabulous Moolah, who just days before had become the oldest Women's Champion in WWE history by winning the gold at 76, battled fellow Hall of Famer Mae Young.

Nov. 11, 1999: The Big Boss Man took contempt to a whole new level, interrupting the funeral of Big Show's father, before dragging his coffin away with The World's Largest Athlete clinging to the top of it.