Have AJ Lee & Ziggler become the new Edge & Lita?

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January 09, 2013

“Any woman who has tried to get into this business has to give [Lita] a lot of credit,” AJ said. “If they don’t they’re lying. With that said, I am not the next anybody, I am the first me. And I’m the only me. And there’s never gonna be another me.”

While AJ insists she’s one-of-a-kind, perhaps the accomplished Lita also saw something of herself in the outrageous young Diva? 

“AJ Lee: she’s not the strongest; she’s not one of those classically hot chicks,” the former Women’s Champion commented in a recent interview with WWE.com. “But she sets herself apart, and you have emotion when she’s out there. You get a sense of who she is, and so I think that’s really cool to see the kid that wasn’t supposed to make it being the one that’s out there. That’s who the fans want to know more about.”

When asked about Lita’s thoughts, though, AJ’s first response, once again, caught the WWE.com completely off guard.

“I’m glad that when I met her, I stole a locket of her hair,” AJ said with a shockingly serious expression. “And I kept it to this day, because I love her.” Eventually, however, the interview got back to the question on the table.

“It’s true,” AJ continued, referring to Lita’s quote. “I know I’m not the strongest or the hottest. That was the hardest part of getting into this business for me. But look at me now. Despite what Vickie Guerrero would tell you, I am WWE’s ‘Queen Diva.’ So I proved everybody wrong and I’m proud of that.”

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