SmackDown results: Cesaro def. Sheamus by Count-out, thanks to the strategic ruthlessness of Big Show

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December 14, 2012

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro def. Sheamus by Count-out

Before Sheamus’ match with United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, his mentor William Regal warned The Celtic Warrior not to let his temper get the best of him.

In the fierce main event that followed, you wouldn’t have known both Sheamus and Cesaro had a title match in 48 hours. It was such a fierce battle that it seemed like a championship match in itself.

Then, just as it looked as if Sheamus might be closing in on a victory over the freakishly strong Swiss Superstar, Big Show suddenly appeared at the top of the ramp, presenting a beaten Regal. When Sheamus ran up the ramp to interject — leading eventually to his count-out loss — Regal stepped in front of The Celtic Warrior to make sure his protégé didn’t break the No Contact Clause. As he did, The World’s Largest Athlete struck Regal with a steel chair.

Show tempted Sheamus yet again to hit him and finally nullify their World Title Match at WWE TLC. But even as furious as Sheamus was, he would not take the bait. (MATCH PREVIEW)

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