SmackDown results: Cesaro def. Sheamus by Count-out, thanks to the strategic ruthlessness of Big Show

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December 14, 2012

“Miz TV” with special guests Team Hell No got interrupted by The Shield

“Miz TV” welcomed WWE Tag Team Champions Hell No to discuss their upcoming pay-per-view showdown at WWE TLC, where they will team up with Ryback against The Shield. Kane and Bryan talked about how Bryan would release all of his so-called anger on the group without mercy and how the treacherous trio made a big mistake by attacking them because it only served to unify the usually dysfunctional tag team.

Team Hell No were soon interrupted by another Shield video — from an undisclosed location somewhere within the arena — in which the rogue faction looked to get into the heads of their pay-per-view opponents. When Kane proposed they not wait until WWE TLC, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns appeared in the crowd, seemingly ready to strike.

But when the fierce Ryback stomped to the ring and joined his partners for the imminent battle, The Shield immediately rethought there strategy.

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