SmackDown results: Cesaro def. Sheamus by Count-out, thanks to the strategic ruthlessness of Big Show

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December 14, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show demanded his World Title Chairs Match against Sheamus at WWE TLC be called off

After SmackDown General Manager Booker T dismissed Big Show’s claim that Sheamus had violated their No Contact Clause, the giant enlisted the services of his legal counsel, David Otunga.

Once in the squared circle, the Harvard-educated attorney threatened to go to the WWE Board of Directors, seeking not only a cancellation of the pay-per-view World Title Chairs Match, but also for the removal of Booker T from power. The GM soon looked to take charge. But when his opposition continued their threats, adding Sheamus’ name to the list of those who had to go, The Celtic Warrior emerged with a chair in his hand.

Sheamus proceeded to give “one good reason” why the match should not be called off, making it clear that if it was, there would be nothing stopping him from using the chair on Big Showright now. Hearing this, the giant opted to go through with the match this Sunday and made his exit. This left Otunga in the ring to become the recipient of a fierce Brogue Kick.

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