SmackDown Results: Sheamus made Del Rio tap out, outsmarted Big Show; The Shield invaded the blue brand

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December 07, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and Sheamus signed a No Contact Clause Contract

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C.— As The Shield stepped onto SmackDown soil for the first time — nine days before their epic Tables, Ladders & Chairs clash with Team Hell No & Ryback at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs — Sheamus triumphed over Alberto Del Rio before nearly losing his World Title Match against Big Show at the upcoming pay-per-view!  

Looking to assure that both Big Show and Sheamus arrived to their World Title Chairs Match at WWE TLC in one piece, SmackDown General Manager Booker T demanded that both Superstars sign a No Contact Clause Contract. The agreement would stipulate that neither one could lay a hand on the other until their pay-per-view showdown in nine days (MATCH PREVIEW). Booker said that if Sheamus refused to sign, he would lose his title match and if Show didn’t sign, he would lose the World Title outright.

Sheamus signed first, acknowledging that waiting to take down his giant adversary was like waiting for Christmas. The World’s Largest Athlete responded that Sheamus’ gift would be not getting hurt for nine days, but that The Celtic Warrior should be careful what he wished for.

Just before he added his name to the agreement, however, Big Show suddenly overturned the signing table on top of Sheamus. While a hopping mad No. 1 contender looked ready to launch a counter attack, the grinning World Heavyweight Champion held up the signed paper in front of him, making it clear that if the Irish Superstar did touch him, his pay-per-view opportunity was all over.

Booker T then broke up their conflict, revealing that Sheamus would face the dangerous Alberto Del Rio later in the evening while Big Show would take on WWE Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan in moments — the Superstar who beat him in 45 seconds last year to end the giant’s last World Heavyweight Title reign!

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