SmackDown results: Cena helped Sheamus stand tall after a "huge" altercation at the height of SmackDown's main event

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November 30, 2012

Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler by Disqualification

In an interview with Matt Striker prior to his match, Sheamus said with fire in his eyes, “As far as I’m concerned, I’m not even facing Dolph Ziggler tonight. … Every opponent I’ve been in the ring with, to me, has looked like Big Show.” Seeing The World’s Largest Athlete at every turn, Sheamus seemed primed and ready for a fight.

And The Celtic Warrior made it clear — that is very bad news for The Showoff.

With his Monday night loss to John Cena still sticking in his craw, Ziggler was asked if he has something to prove. In typical fashion, Mr. Money in the Bank deflected the question, and instead spouted off about how Cena is not to be trusted, going so far as to call the Cenation leader the “biggest liar in the history of WWE.”

The Showoff then responded to Sheamus’ comments from earlier in the night, saying The Celtic Warrior won’t be looking at Big Show when they face each other in the main event. Instead, he’ll be looking at the next World Champion.

With his World Title Match against Big Show at WWE TLC just more than two weeks away, Sheamus squared off against Ziggler in a show-stealing main event on SmackDown.

Looking to cap off a busy night, Ziggler was determined to recapture the highs of last week — one of the most impressive seven-day spans in WWE history, which included being the sole survivor in the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match.

But The Celtic Warrior is always up for a fight, at one point hurling Ziggler into the barricade at ringside. For his part, Ziggler matched the brute-force physicality of the fiery Superstar, and the two engaged in a blockbuster back-and-forth battle that brought the WWE Universe in attendance to the edge of their seats. As the action ramped up, Sheamus came up empty with a Brogue Kick attempt, and Ziggler planted his opponent with a monstrous, leaping DDT. But as he’s shown time and again, Sheamus simply doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit, and refused to stay down.

When Sheamus locked Ziggler in the Texas Cloverleaf, it appeared as though the end was near. But at that moment, Big Show suddenly emerged from backstage and ran down to the ring, causing Sheamus to release The Showoff and the referee to call for a disqualification. Big Show and Ziggler proceeded to team up against Sheamus, but Cena came to the rescue, nailing Ziggler with an AA before he and Sheamus combined to take down The World’s Largest Athlete with a double supplex.

True to his word, Cena didn’t interject himself into the situation until after the bell rung, and his timing couldn’t have been better. An angry giant was left seething outside the ring Friday night, but come WWE TLC, will Big Show once again enjoy the last laugh over Sheamus?

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