SmackDown results: Ziggler conquered Orton, but fell to Cena’s STF

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November 23, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show def. WWE Tag Team Champions Hell No in a Handicap Match

Earlier on SmackDown, General Manager Booker T confronted Sheamus about his recent volatile actions against Big Show, asking him about the brawl in the parking lot last Friday night and the unrelenting post-match chair attack at Survivor Series. He told the Irish Superstar that although he would not let him compete this week for fear of what he might do, The Celtic Warrior would get his much deserved rematch against Big Show – a brutal Chair Match at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. (MATCH PREVIEW)

To ensure there wouldn’t be any more disorder in the meantime between the two mighty Superstars, the head of SmackDown offered The Celtic Warrior his skybox suite, high above the ring, away from his giant adversary.

Sheamus took Booker’s offer, sitting with William Regal at his side, as Big Show battled both of the WWE Tag Team Champions Hell No in a fiercely competitive Handicap Match.

But, when Bryan tagged himself into the match in the final moments of the contest, an angry Kane opted to leave his partner in the ring. Moments later, the giant soon regained his edge, chokeslamming the abandoned submission specialist for the win.

After the bell, The Big Red Monster reemerged, paving the way for the dysfunctional duo to knock The World’s Largest Athlete out of the squared circle.

When Show reached the top of the ramp, he turned his attention to Sheamus in the skybox and their upcoming Chairs Match at WWE TLC, making it clear that their third pay-per-view showdown will be the most devastating yet.