SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Nov. 23, 2012

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November 22, 2012

Will The World’s Largest Athlete once again collide with The Celtic Warrior?

As they’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt throughout the past few months, the rivalry between World Heavyweight Champion Big Show and former titleholder Sheamus simply knows no bounds. From a vicious attack in a London pub, to a knockout, drag down slugfest in a parking lot, Sheamus and Big Show have gone to extremes since The World’s Largest Athlete claimed the World Title from The Celtic Warrior at Hell in a Cell.

And that rivalry is sure to spill over onto SmackDown this week, following the events at Survivor Series that led to The Celtic Warrior’s massive chair assault on the giant. But just how far will the two intense competitors take things? And what, if anything, can SmackDown General Manager Booker T do to prevent his show from devolving into chaos as a result of the titanic hostility between Sheamus and Big Show?

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