SmackDown Results: Big Show overcame Khali; Sheamus engaged the giant in parking lot onslaught

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November 16, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show def. The Great Khali; then brawled with The Celtic Warrior


After Booker T ordered his Survivor Series No. 1 contender, Sheamus, to leave SmackDown earlier in the night, Big Show found himself in a one-on-one battle against an unknown opponent, The Great Khali.

Despite the enormous challenge set in front of him, just two days before he would put his World Title on the line against The Celtic Warrior, The World’s Largest Athlete conquered his fellow giant with the KO Punch.

Moments after the bell, Sheamus’ music suddenly filled the arena. While this disturbance alarmed the World Heavyweight Champion, the Irish Superstar didn’t emerge.

But when The World’s Largest Athlete made his way to the back and attempted to climb into his bus, Sheamus arose from the gigantic vehicle and initiated a destructive parking lot brawl with the giant. 

What will happen when the two forces of nature clash for the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series?

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