SmackDown Results: Big Show overcame Khali; Sheamus engaged the giant in parking lot onslaught

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November 16, 2012

SmackDown GM Booker T kicked Sheamus out of the building

On Monday’s Raw, Big Show once again attacked William Regal, delivering another KO Punch to the English Superstar.

As a result of the assault, a fuming Sheamus attempted to confront The World’s Largest Athlete in the parking lot for the first half of SmackDown. Despite warnings from GM Booker T to back off and wait for Survivor Series to engage the giant, the three-time World Champion called The World’s Largest Athlete to the ring, looking to start Survivor Series two days early. (MATCH PREVIEW)

Big Show finally walked onto the ramp, giving his opinion that his No. 1 contender’s SmackDown challenge was completely ridiculous. When the giant suggested Sheamus instead thank him for not coming down and hurting him, The Celtic Warrior tried to bring the fight to him. But before he could, Booker blocked his path, ordering Sheamus to leave the building immediately.

When Show appeared to be buddying up to Booker in the back, though, congratulating him on the way he “handled his business,” SmackDown’s all-business GM informed the World Heavyweight Champion he would be competing in the main event. He did not tell the giant who his opponent would be, though.  

Meanwhile, Sheamus began sending tweets from a location outside the arena, showing pictures of a glass of beer at various stages of drink. With his tasty beverage, he provided the rational that if he wasn’t going to be able to fight, he might as well have a drink.