SmackDown results: Big Show & The Miz overcome Sheamus & Kofi in a showdown all about World Title 'Survival'

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November 02, 2012

Rey Mysterio def. Titus O’Neil

Moments after Darren Yong defeated Sin Cara in singes competition, Titus O’Neil picked up the microphone and challenged Rey Mysterio to an impromptu match — in an attempt to sweep both the luchadores in the same night.

The Ultimate Underdog evaded his adversary’s aggressive attack, however, quickly rolling him up for the three-count to put the outspoken Superstar’s aspirations to rest.

As the smoke cleared, Mysterio & Sin Cara celebrated by mocking their foes, doing the millions of dollars dance on the ramp.

The coffee flew freely as SmackDown General Manager Booker T announced a huge match for SmackDown
As more than one competitor attempted to fill the void of the absent Assistant to the SmackDown GM — Divas Champion Eve — Booker T ordered David Otunga to face a gigantic returning WWE Superstar, The Great Khali.

Brad Maddox to make his case this Monday on Raw
Following the announcement on WWE Main Event that referee Brad Maddox would be suspended indefinitely and that he would appear before the WWE Board of Directors on Thursday, the SmackDown announce team informed the WWE Universe that Maddox had been granted time to explain his side of the story, this Monday on Raw.