SmackDown results: Big Show & The Miz overcome Sheamus & Kofi in a showdown all about World Title 'Survival'

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November 02, 2012

“Miz TV” with special guest Sheamus

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Five days after two KO Punches allowed Big Show to reign supreme over Sheamus and capture the World Heavyweight Title at Hell in a Cell, the giant joined forces with The Miz to overcome The Celtic Warrior & Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston in a furious main event. Meanwhile, when Alberto Del Rio helped the Barrett Barrage steamroll over Randy Orton, the food flew in a fierce post-match brawl between The Viper and The Mexican Aristocrat.

“Miz TV” with special guest Sheamus
The Miz opened the self-professed “most must-see WWE talk show in history” by mentioning a few of the events that are currently taking WWE by storm: the “AJ scandal,” Brad Maddox going “rogue” and costing Ryback his WWE Title Hell in a Cell Match against CM Punk and — much to his apparent amusement — Sheamus losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Big Show at the same pay-per-view.

The Celtic Warrior, Miz’s guest — who made no excuses for Sunday’s loss to Big Show before hitting White Noise on the giant on Raw — admitted to the instigating Awesome One that he was somewhat humbled by the defeat. But before he could comment on his renewed intensity for their upcoming Survivor Series World Title rematch (MATCH PREVIEW), Miz interrupted, igniting a war of words over whether Sheamus could beat Big Show and whether Miz could beat Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston. 

Kingston, who after Sunday’s pay-per-view triumph holds three wins over Miz in a row, soon emerged, wondering how many times he would have to kick his outspoken adversary in the head before he “knocked some sense into [him].”

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show then joined the party, attempting to describe the “euphoria” of hitting the KO Punch on The Celtic Warrior at Hell in a Cell. Sheamus responded by asking the giant, new titleholder to describe the euphoria of getting hit with White Noise on Raw before suggesting they do it again on SmackDown. Big Show dismissed the idea of coming to the ring, however, stating that Sheamus would get all he could handle of him at Survivor Series.

As Big Show made his exit, Miz ambushed Kofi from behind, only to get hurled over the top rope by the high-flying Intercontinental Champion.   

Moments later in the back, SmackDown General Manager Booker T informed Big Show that he would be teaming with Miz in the SmackDown main event against Sheamus & Kingston.

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