SmackDown results: The Celtic Warrior prevailed over David Otunga, but GM Booker T banned the Brogue Kick!

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September 07, 2012

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus def. David Otunga

David Otunga, legal counsel to Ricardo Rodriguez and the Superstar who led the crusade to ban the Brogue Kick throughout the night, suddenly found himself facing off against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus in a SmackDown main event made by General Manager Booker T.

It was a showdown that pitted power against power from the start. In the culmination of the hard-fought match, with Alberto Del Rio looking on from ringside, The Great White took control and connected with a thundering White Noise. Sheamus then called for the Brogue Kick, but instead, the titleholder was interrupted by Booker T, who floored the WWE Universe with a major announcement.

In a shocking move, the hesitant GM reversed course on his previous decision, and reluctantly banned the Brogue Kick!

The Moline members of the WWE Universe immediately expressed their outrage, right along with Sheamus. Del Rio, on the other hand, loved the decision, and left the arena with a big smile on his face.

Never one to be discouraged, though, The Celtic Warrior used another tactic to defeat Otunga. After planting the Harvard-educated lawyer with a devastating Irish Curse, The Celtic Warrior locked in the Cloverleaf, a submission maneuver Sheamus introduced to his repertoire Monday on Raw. Otunga had no choice but to tap out, and Sheamus walked away with another resounding Friday night win.

Sheamus remains the most dominant force on SmackDown, but what does the banning of the Brogue Kick mean for The Great White’s chances when he faces Del Rio at Night of Champions with the title on the line?

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