Is Ricardo Rodriguez destined to be the next sidekick that forges his own path?

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September 05, 2012

A history of "taking the bullet" for Del Rio

For more than two years, Ricardo Rodriguez has handled personal ring announcing duties for The Mexican Aristocrat, Alberto Del Rio. In that time, Rodriguez has often gone above and beyond the call of duty, risking life and limb to assist in his employer’s quest for squared circle greatness. The tuxedoed Superstar’s unwavering loyalty to Del Rio has placed him in countless dangerous and embarrassing situations.

On the Sept. 3 edition of Raw, Rodriguez’ devotion was perhaps tested like never before. After World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus won his match against Jack Swagger, Del Rio and Rodriguez stormed the ring and attacked the champion. The Great White turned the tables and prepared to nail Del Rio with a blistering Brogue Kick. However, at the last second, Rodriguez would again take a bullet for his boss, shoving the No. 1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship out of the way and suffering the full force of The Celtic Warrior’s earth-shattering finishing maneuver himself. The blow left the announcer motionless for minutes, and his injury status is still unknown. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Although this Monday was the most shocking and frightening instance of Rodriguez sacrificing his body for Del Rio, past incidents have included multiple run-ins with The Mexican Aristocrat’s rivals, messy catering mishaps, a particularly painful Mexican hat dance and countless bumps and bruises. (WATCH PLAYLIST)

Ricardo has stood by Del Rio’s side through thick and thin. But as he helps his employer realize his destiny, could his true fate be to someday go solo? After all, Rodriguez wouldn’t be the first sidekick who seized the spotlight and struck out on his or her own.

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