SmackDown results: Del Rio overcame Orton to become the No. 1 contender for World Heavyweight Title

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August 24, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. Randy Orton to become the new No. 1 contender to the World Title

Seeking a new title opportunity against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio brought his temper under control before battling Randy Orton in the main event on SmackDown.

With the No. 1 contender status at stake, both The Mexican Aristocrat and WWE’s Apex Predator showed no mercy — no easy feat considering The Celtic Warrior kept a close eye on the action while joining Michael Cole as the bout’s guest commentator.

In fierce showdown that could have gone either way at any moment, Del Rio inflicted serious damage on the arm of the always dangerous Viper in hopes of later exploiting the injured appendage with his signature finisher. And following a missed RKO attempt by Orton, the affluent grappler promptly capitalized by applying his Cross Armbreaker for an undisputable victory and the right to be called the No. 1 contender once again.

The Mexican Aristocrat taunted Sheamus following his win, eventually leveling the titleholder with his shoe and a strong roundhouse kick.

Then, as the smoke cleared, Dolph Ziggler emerged, looking to cash in his Money in the Bank Contract against a roughed up Celtic Warrior. However, the recovering Orton saved the weary champion from being obligated to participate in an impromptu title opportunity by connecting a well-timed RKO on The Showoff.

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