SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Aug. 17, 2012

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August 17, 2012

What will come of Del Rio's "conversation" with Booker T?

Moments after Alberto Del Rio ambushed World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus last Friday — with the help of hired guns dressed as police officers — irate SmackDown General Manager Booker T took away his World Title Match at SummerSlam. (WATCH EXCLUSIVE) In response, Del Rio Touted on Monday that he will be taking this up with Sheamus tonight.     

What will happen when the still relatively new General Manager comes face to face with a removed No. 1 contender, who carries with him a reputation for ruthless behavior? Could the frustration cause Del Rio to overstep his bounds with the leader of SmackDown, thereby bringing further punishment upon himself? Or could The Mexican Aristocrat have something up his sleeve that will make Booker rethink his initial judgment?

In any event, perhaps the encounter will help to answer the looming question of whether there will be a replacement World Heavyweight Title Match this Sunday at SummerSlam. And if one does take place, just who will be challenging The Great White?

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