SmackDown Results: Del Rio ambushed Sheamus, taking the law into his own hands

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August 10, 2012

Chris Jericho presented “The Highlight Reel” with Special Guests Vickie Guerrero


Vickie Guerrero came onto the “Highlight Reel” - the controversial show returning to SmackDown for the first time in two years - all by her lonesome, declaring that Dolph Ziggler would not appear on the show as schedule. As a result, she set herself up to suffer a sea of insults at the hands of the outspoken Chris Jericho.

But, when the question was once again raised as to whether Jericho could still win “the big one,” the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion accepted a challenge to face Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam — reinstituting his Y2J persona in the process.

When The Showoff ambushed the outrageous grappler moments later, Jericho took him down. However, after a Vickie slap distracted Jericho, Ziggler recovered enough to hit the Zig Zag, blasting his newly named SummerSlam opponent with the Money in the Bank contract briefcase.

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