SmackDown Results: Del Rio ambushed Sheamus, taking the law into his own hands

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August 10, 2012

AJ came to SmackDown for a heart-to-heart with Daniel Bryan and Kane

While berating the WWE Universe for chanting “Yes!” with a fierce “No!” chant of his own — complaining about being labeled “unstable” and being put in a match with Kane at SummerSlam by Raw General Manager AJ Lee (MATCH PREVIEW) —  Daniel Bryan was interrupted by The Big Red Monster.

But before physicality broke out, AJ Lee emerged — a special guest of SmackDown GM Booker T. After sharing a moment With The Devil’s Favorite Demon in which she thanked him for being sweet to her when others were so miserable, Miss Lee ordered Bryan to shake Kane’s hand — a demonstration that he did not have anger management issues and that they would have a good match at the coming pay-per-view.

However, after he reluctantly tried, Kane attacked, nearly chokeslamming his foe. Bryan failed to hit the “No!” Lock, before The Big Red Monster booted him out of the ring, chasing him and causing him to flee into the crowd. And with the masked Superstar left alone in the ring, AJ laughed on the top of the ramp, stating “That was great!”

Booker T challenged Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks to rise to a new level
When Hawkins & Reks approached SmackDown’s GM for opportunity, Booker charged them with finding it themselves.