SmackDown Five-Point Preview: Aug. 03, 2012

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August 03, 2012

What will SmackDown be like with new General Manager Booker T in charge?

As reported on earlier this week, Booker T was appointed the new SmackDown General Manager by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon during the live SmackDown event on Tuesday. As the WWE Universe tunes in tonight to see how it all went down, one has to wonder how things on the blue brand will change with Booker at the helm.

For starters, how will it affect the World Heavyweight Championship picture, and how the show’s state of competition is determined in general? Could every Superstar who wants a chance at Sheamus’ World Title have to first master the Spin-A-Roonie? Will the specific opportunities be awarded based directly on where a particular Superstar or Diva ranks in Booker’s “Fab Five”?

Moreover, who should be worried about the five-time WCW Champion coming to power? How about Michael Cole, the outspoken thorn in Booker’s side since he joined the SmackDown announce team in February 2011? What about Cody Rhodes, the former Intercontinental Champion who crept under the legendary Superstar’s skin so much that he stepped between the ropes to face him on several occasions last winter?

It is also worth mentioning that the last time Booker T rose to a position of authority, becoming King Booker in 2006, the power definitely went to his head in a big way. Despite his obvious strong character and formidable experience with the squared circle, time will tell whether his new leadership role will prove to be one of one of fair benevolence or outright tyranny.

In any respect, when you consider Booker T’s tremendous history with SmackDown, the fact that he has watched it’s progression from ringside for the last year-and-a-half, his often outrageous personality and his battle-tested-fortitude throughout a storied career, one thing is definitely certain: things on SmackDown are about to get off the hook, sucka!

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