SmackDown results: Del Rio survives a fierce Fatal 4-Way, stealing victory to become No. 1 contender to World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus

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July 27, 2012

Ryback def. Jinder Mahal by Count-out

The brawling behemoth known as Ryback looked to continue his reign of in-ring destruction against Jinder Mahal. To the surprise of the WWE Universe, however, Mahal took the fight right to his intimidating adversary, allowing the Punjabi Superstar to fare better than any of Ryback’s previous opponents and even to get in a few blows of his own.

But when Mahal went for the Camel Clutch, Ryback powered out of the submission with incredible strength and turned the tables, declaring “My turn!”

However, before the human wrecking ball could add another victim to his list, Mahal slid under the ropes and walked up the ramp, leaving the referee no choice but to deliver the 10-count. With unfinished business between the two, will Mahal dare disturb another of Ryback’s “feeding times”?

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus presented Daniel Bryan with a belated “wedding gift”

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus approached Daniel Bryan in the back, reminding “Danny Boy” that Raw 1,000 wasn’t the submission specialist’s finest hour: Left at the altar by AJ (who then became the new Raw General Manager), Rock Bottomed by The Rock and, to add insult to injury, called out by Charlie Sheen in front of millions of WWE fans.

Before exiting, The Great White presented Bryan with a very unique belated wedding gift.

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