SmackDown Five-Point Preview: July 27, 2012

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July 27, 2012

When will Dolph Ziggler cash in?

At the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, on the same night that The Showoff captured the highly coveted contract that earned him an opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship any time he wanted in the coming year, he tried to cash it in. However, his plans come to a crashing halt when World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus attacked him before the bell could ring.

Then, last Friday on SmackDown, he looked to cash it in a second time. But, his efforts were thwarted by Rey Mysterio’s 619 and another Brogue Kick by The Great White.

It is clear that Ziggler has been inching to seize his opportunity as fast as possible and finally prove his elite status. However, there is a chance that his last two failures could discourage the bleach blond Superstar from cashing in any time soon. Perhaps, John Cena’s failure to cash in his own contract against WWE Champion CM Punk on Monday could also make him put on the brakes.

That being said, it is also possible that Ziggler, with his unrelenting ambition, will continue his aggressive course until he either claims the top of the mountain or plummets in defeat.

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