SmackDown results: A disqualification tag team victory by Sheamus and the returning Rey Mysterio quickly became all about the 'Money'

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July 20, 2012

Kane def. Daniel Bryan by Disqualification

At a pivotal moment of their excruciating matchup, Daniel Bryan dropped the rope on a charging Big Red Monster, causing Kane to nearly take out AJ as he fell to the ringside floor. When WWE’s “Yes” man took a second to check to see if his future wife was OK, The Devil’s Favorite Demon unleashed an excruciating assault on his adversary from behind. But back in the ring, when Kane tried to finish things with a chokeslam, AJ jumped on his back and attacked him. As she aggressively assaulted Kane, while holding on for dear life, the referee was forced to call for the bell.

With his fiancée still on Kane’s back, Bryan attempted to re-engage the masked menace, only to get a chokeslammed for his trouble. Kane finally got AJ facing him, leading to a mesmerizing stare between them, before Bryan managed to pull AJ out of the ring.