SmackDown results: Sheamus won a Triple Threat World Title Match as five Superstars rode their dreams all the way to “the Bank.”

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June 29, 2012

Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder to qualify for Money in the Bank

Prior to taking on Zack Ryder, Damien Sandow described his opponent as “WWE’s official ambassador to ignorance, mediocrity and stupidity.” He added that after he qualified for the World Heavyweight Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match, it meant that the “Unwashed Masses” would soon have a World Champion who would lead them to enlightenment.  

In the first of a series of Ladder Qualifying Matches that would take place over the course of the night – as well as on SuperSmackDown LIVE: The Great American Bash this Tuesday – the self-proclaimed “Intellectual Savior of the Unwashed Masses” reigned supreme over Long Island Iced-Z, avoiding the Rough Ryder leg drop, before hitting the neckbreaker for the pinfall.

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