SmackDown results: Sheamus won a Triple Threat World Title Match as five Superstars rode their dreams all the way to “the Bank.”

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June 29, 2012

AJ named special guest referee of the WWE Title Match at Money in the Bank

Daniel Bryan explained to Vickie Guerrero that once he won the WWE Title from CM Punk at Money in the Bank, both Raw and SmackDown would revolve around him. Proclaiming that he supported WWE’s resident Cougar’s bid to fill the spot of permanent General Manager of both shows, the submission specialist went on to propose that Guerrero and WWE’s Board of Directors ban AJ from ringside for the Money in the Bank WWE Title Match.

Instead, Vickie brought Bryan’s attention to a poll from earlier in the week – centered on what role the WWE Universe would want AJ to play in the upcoming WWE Title pay-per-view showdown. The results revealed that 76 percent of the voters wanted the out-there Diva to serve as the special guest referee in the match between Punk and Bryan. Looking to please the same Board that will decide the permanent Raw and SmackDown GM during the 1000th episode of Raw, a shocked Guerrero announced that she would respect their decision and made it official.

In response to the news, AJ began a “Yes!” chant of her own for the second time of the night and exited the ring with her strange smile.

Later, Bryan would seek out his ex-girlfriend, apparently changing his tune to that of supposed concern. He suggested that he might be about to help AJ seek professional help because “that’s what people who care about each other do.” Find out how AJ responded. (WATCH)

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