SmackDown results: The Great White and Big Red Monster triumphed, as AJ “hammered” the competition.

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June 22, 2012

Kane def. Daniel Bryan

For months, AJ has been involved in an out-of-control rollercoaster ride with CM Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan. (WATCH)

This week on SmackDown, the off-the-wall Diva would serve as a surprise special guest timekeeper as Kane took on Bryan. In the height of the action that followed – after the submission specialist cinched in the “Yes!” Lock on The Big Red Monster – AJ suddenly rang the bell. This caused Bryan to release the hold, thinking his monstrous opponent tapped out.

But much to Bryan’s chagrin, the referee explained that the masked menace hadn’t, in fact, given in and that the match was still going. Before WWE’s “Yes!” man could get his bearings, The Devil’s Favorite Demon roared back, hitting the chokeslam for the three count.

And just as quickly as the match ended, a guiltless AJ skipped away again like nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all.