Funk vs. Jive: Choose your side

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June 26, 2012

You know them like the back of your hand, single words or phrases in pop culture that are so powerful they can become an institution onto themselves. And inevitably, the frenzy they create gives rise to debate over what constitutes the best institution of them all: Is it Coke or Pepsi, Bert or Ernie, Burger King or McDonald’s, Funk vs. Jive … Funk vs. Jive?

That’s right. For months now, Brodus Clay and his lovely Funkadactyls have brought their unadulterated brand of funk to both Raw and SmackDown, creating a riotous atmosphere of funk-a-licious elation guaranteed to make the WWE Universe call their mommas!

And once the bell rings, the momentum created by the prehistoric stomp-fest and disco ball spinning sends The Funkasaurus into a ferocious state all his own. It gives him a distinct edge that has led to his rise into A-list competition and his endless potential to take on the world … or occasionally, even The World’s Largest Athlete.

Back in the ’80s, however, it was not the funk that worked the room. It was the “Jive Soul Bro!”

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