SmackDown results: Cena risked it all for the joy of dropping Mr. Laurinaitis

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June 15, 2012

While in search of Big Show, John Cena attacked John Laurinaitis


A determined John Cena emerged on SmackDown, kicking in the door to General Manager John Laurinaitis’ office before making his way to the ring to call out Big Show. This came in response to the big man’s earlier statements against him.

Big Johnny arrived on the scene instead, informing the 10-time WWE Champion that Big Show was not coming out. Due to an edict by the WWE Board of Directors that the No Way Out Match between Cena and the giant will happen no matter what, “Mr. Excitement” explained that he sent Show home for the protection of all involved.

Though the General Manager of Raw and SmackDown warned Cena that if he chose to assault him instead, he would be fired, the leader of the Cenation did it anyway.

The guaranteed pay-per-view showdown will prevent "Mr. Excitement" from firing Cena before No Way Out. But as a result of the altercation, someone will definitely be fired once the smoke clears this Sunday. Will it be "Mr. McMahon" firing John Laurinaitis or Mr. Excitement firing John Cena?

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