SmackDown results: Cena risked it all for the joy of dropping Mr. Laurinaitis

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June 15, 2012

Big Show addressed punching Mr. McMahon on Raw and talked about what awaited John Cena at No Way Out

John Laurinaitis came before the WWE Universe, giving a public apology to Mr. McMahon for Big Show punching him on Monday’s Raw SuperShow – before making his professional recommendation that at his age, the celebrated head of WWE should stay away from The World Largest Athlete. He went on to say that Big Show will defeat John Cena in the Steel Cage Match at No Way Out this Sunday. (MATCH PREVIEW)

Big Show then emerged, explaining the beef he had with WWE since he climbed into its ring for the first time 14 years ago. The giant made it clear that he was proud not to be John Cena. He then added that unlike the punch on Mr. McMahon on Monday, what he would do to John Cena at No Way Out would be extremely deliberate, calculated and uncomfortable. Considering the pay-per-view showdown his “first match,” Show guaranteed victory.

However, as the giant was leaving the ring, Michael Cole stopped him, revealing the monumental announcement – “on good authority” – that John Cena was coming to SmackDown later that night. Show responded that when that happened, he would not be hard to find.

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