SmackDown results: Sheamus picks up the disqualification victory over Kane, with mass disruption for Del Rio and AJ

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June 08, 2012

Antonio Cesaro def. Jimmy Uso

Antonio Cesaro was in action on SmackDown – much to the chagrin of a frustrated Teddy Long, who was assigned by John Laurinaitis to serve as the former rugby player’s personal ring announcer.

He his match against Jimmy Uso, The Swiss-born Superstar quickly seized momentum with a well-timed uppercut. Cesaro proceeded to hoist up his opponent and send him crashing down on the canvas, thus ensuring that his recent success in the squared circle continues.

After the match, Teddy was forced to raise Cesaro’s hand in victory, while he and Aksana shared a passionate moment.

AJ comes out of hiding following Kane’s interview (WATCH)
Following The Big Red Monster’s interview with Matt Striker, AJ was seen lurking in the shadows, leaving the WWE Universe with many questions as to her interest in the masked menace.