SmackDown results: Sheamus picks up the disqualification victory over Kane, with mass disruption for Del Rio and AJ

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June 08, 2012

Intercontinental Champion Christian def. Dolph Ziggler

With Cody Rhodes joining the announcer’s table as a guest commentator, Christian and Ziggler promptly squared off.

In the intense match that followed, Captain Charisma called upon his years of experience and tenacity to keep pace with the determined Showoff, withstanding a flurry of attacks that would easily have defeated a less prepared Superstar. In the height of the competition, he even outlasted Ziggler’s signature sleeper hold as well as the Zig Zag to regain the advantage.

The Intercontinental Champion’s patience and ability to absorb damage finally paid off as a top rope reversal allowed Christian to take to the skies and come crashing down with a frog splash that lead to victory for the charismatic competitor.