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June 08, 2012

Cody Rhodes questioned Intercontinental Champion Christian’s motives on “The Peep Show”

Looking to beat Intercontinental Champion Christian to the verbal punch, Cody Rhodes crashed “The Peep Show” set before its host even arrived to start the festivities. A clearly irate Rhodes made it clear that he would be the one seeking answers on this night.

“I don’t answer to Christian,” Rhodes said. “Christian should answer to me.”

As Rhodes accused his rival of experiencing a “mid-life crisis,” an emerging Christian reminded “The Peep Show” crasher who won the Intercontinental Title at WWE Over the Limit. (PHOTOS) Captain Charisma then clarified that he had shed his selfish ways after experiencing “a moment of clarity” while inducting his best friend, Edge, into the WWE Hall of Fame. (PHOTOS) That moment inspired the Canadian competitor to strive for more than just one more title opportunity.

The explanation didn’t satisfy Rhodes, who continued to question Christian’s credentials before making the proclaimation that the Intercontinental Title “is coming home” following their rematch at No Way Out. (MATCH PREVIEW)

Their conversation grew heated and nearly turned to blows until Dolph Ziggler interrupted, ready to prove his elite status in his scheduled match against Christian.