SmackDown results: Sheamus picks up the disqualification victory over Kane, with mass disruption for Del Rio and AJ

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June 08, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. The Great Khali

Following the chaos in the opening moments of SmackDown, Alberto Del Rio quickly found himself at the mercy of The Great Khali as the latter arrived ready to fight. In the opening moments of the match, it seemed that for each strike by The Mexican Aristocrat unleashed, The Punjabi Giant had a painful counterattack ready to throw  back his way.

Khali seemingly had an answer for Del Rio’s every tactic – except one: Ricardo Rodriguez. As the 7-foot-1 skyscraping of a Superstar sized up his opponent for a knockout blow, Del Rio’s personal ring announcer climbed up to the ring apron and created enough of a distraction for his wealthy boss to gain the advantage.

With giant turning his attention to the sneaky Ricardo Rodriguez, Del Rio brought down his imposing adversary and locked in his signature Cross Armbreaker to cement the win.

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