Live SmackDown results: June 8, 2012

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June 08, 2012

Refresh for the latest SmackDown outcomes, videos and photos.

Tyson Kidd feels the wrath of Damien Sandow (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Intercontinental Champion Christian def Dolph Ziggler (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Christian presents "The Peep Show" with special guest Cody Rhodes (PHOTOS)

Ryback def. two competitors (WATCH | PHOTOS)           

Sin Cara def. Drew McIntyre (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Brodus Clay def. Derrick Bateman (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Alberto Del Rio def. The Great Khali (WATCH | PHOTOS)          

After Alberto Del Rio ridiculed World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus by having his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez emerge dressed like The Great White, Theodore Long - on behalf on Big Johnny - announces two huge SmackDown matches: Del Rio vs. The Great Khali and Sheamus vs. Kane in the main event! (PHOTOS)

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