SmackDown Five Point Preview: May 25, 2012

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May 25, 2012

Will Sheamus apologize to John Laurinaitis?

In the wake of the shocking events on Sunday at WWE Over the Limit and Monday’s explosive Raw SuperShow, here are five things that the WWE Universe should keep an eye on during tonight's Friday Night SmackDown on Syfy.

On Monday’s Raw SuperShow, hotheaded World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus stormed the ring to help John Cena. In the process, he plowed over the already-injured Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, John Laurinaitis. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Sheamus’ collision with “Mr. Excitement” may or may not have been a mistake. Either way, The Great White has surely raised the ire of the GM. Seeing as how Mr. Laurinaitis once handed down a record-breaking $500,000 fine and a status of permanent probation to the first-ever Irish-born World Heavyweight Champion, will Sheamus say he's sorry? (FULL STORY) And if he does, will "Big Johnny" accept?

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