SmackDown results: Del Rio snatched Triple Threat triumph to earn a chance at the 'World'

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May 25, 2012

Damien Sandow def. Yoshi Tatsu

One week ago, Damien Sandow refused to face Yoshi Tatsu, the second Superstar in a row who he considered both an unworthy opponent and an “ignoramus.” Yet, when the Japanese competitor “accosted [him] verbally” by calling him a chicken, the self-proclaimed “Intellectual Savior to the Masses” proceeded to attack him from behind.

As a result of the altercation, the two competitors squared off this week in what would finally become Sandow’s official debut as a SmackDown Superstar. Offering a sound exhibition of his pugilistic talents for the benefit of the “unwashed masses,” the “Enlightened One” gave a sound thrashing to his “dunce” of an opponent. Then, after soundly besting him with a neckbreaker, the educated Sandow added insult to injury with a graceful post-match cartwheel.