SmackDown Results: The Great White overcame Orton, only to suffer The Viper's venomous bite

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May 18, 2012

Kane def. WWE Champion CM Punk in a Non-title Match by Disqualification

In a match ordered by General Manager John Laurinaitis at the opening of SmackDown, CM Punk took on the ruthless Devil’s Favorite Demon Kane – with Daniel Bryan joining the SmackDown announce team to scout out his WWE Over the Limit adversary. (MATCH PREVIEW)

In a completely brutal back-and-forth onslaught that saw The Big Red Monster punish Punk’s ribs throughout, the resilient Straight Edge Superstar fought back with unyielding determination – using his "educated feet" to strike at the heart of his horrific foe.

When the action spilled outside the ring, however, the "observing" Bryan picked up a steel chair. But instead of striking the champion, the crafty Superstar smashed Kane across the back, assuring that Punk would lose by disqualification before hightailing it up the ramp.

Recovering in time to see Punk holding the chair in question, Kane used the weapon to unleash an onslaught of absolute mayhem on The Second City Saint, capped off by two earth-shattering chokeslams.

Will the beating Punk endured give Bryan the advantage heading into his WWE Title Match this Sunday?  (MATCH PREVIEW)

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