SmackDown results: Fatal 4-Way combatants pushed Friday night 'Over the Limit'

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May 11, 2012

Antonio Cesaro def. Alex Riley

Since coming under the reluctent employ of John Laurinaitis, Theodore Long has been forced to do many tasks that he did not wish to do, often with humiliating results.

This week proved no different, as the former head of SmackDown was called upon to serve as the special ring announcer for SmackDown's new Superstar Antonio Casaro in his match against Alex Riley. Mr. Long proceeded to read a nearly endless prepared list of nicknames, designed to praise the recently-signed Superstar. He called Cesaro "The Swiss Sensation ... The Rugby Baller, Shot Caller ... his opponent's fright and Aksana's delight ... beating every bum in the scrum and every clown on SmackDown." But, that was just the beginning of the degradation for Mr. Laurinaitis’ “favorite” employee.

After Cesaro soundly triumphed in his first match as an official SmackDown Superstar, Aksana – sporting a stylish new look of her own – informed Teddy in front of the entire WWE Universe that that were just friends. She went on to declare that she and Cesaro were “lovers,” before the happy couple proceeded to make-out with a visibly heartbroken Teddy looking on.