SmackDown results: Fatal 4-Way combatants pushed Friday night 'Over the Limit'

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May 11, 2012

AJ def. Kaitlyn

On two separate occasions on SmackDown, Kaitlyn tried to talk to AJ about her unhealthy situation involving Daniel Bryan. Both times, AJ responded in volatile fashion by slapping her best friend. As a result, the two Divas would square-off against each other in the ring this week.

From the opening bell, AJ attacked her fellow "Chickbuster" with uncontrollable rage, eventually capturing the win with a fierce knee to her beautiful foe’s temple.

After the match, the crazed AJ continued her assault until Bryan himself came to the ring. For a short moment, it seemed as if the submission specialist was going to make some sort of peace with his unhinged ex. That was until he informed her that he was looking forward to “moving on” to Kaitlyn once he becomes the new WWE Champion at WWE Over the Limit. (MATCH PREVIEW)

There were probably some in the WWE Universe that thought AJ was about to strike Bryan in response to his remark. Instead, she exited the ring without a word, leaving the former World Heavyweight Champion free and clear to begin an impromptu “Yes!” chant. 

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